Learn Core Python

What is Python

What is Python?

è  Python is a Programming Language.

è  It is a High-level Programming Language (English)

è  It is Scripting Language.

è  It is Procedure Oriented Language

è  It is Modular Programming Language

è  It is Object Oriented Programming Language.

è  It is implemented Guido Van Rossum in 1989.

è  The first version of Python Released in 20th Feb, 1991.


Guido Taken Best Features different Language Like:

è  He taken Scripting Language Features from -- "Shell Script and Perl Scripting"

è  He taken Procedure Oriented Language Features from -- 'C' Language

è  He Taken Modular Features from -- "Modula" Language

è  He Taken Object Oriented Features from -- "C++" Language.

è  Resolved problems of all above languages and implemented new language called "Python"

è  Python has Scripting Features, Modular Features, Procedure Oriented and Object Oriented Features in a Single Language.


Where can we use Python?

è  Standalone Application Development

è  We can Develop Web Applications -- DJango, Flask

è  Bigdata Processing Application Development -- MapReduce, PySpark

è  Data Science Applications

Machine Learning Application

             Deep Learning Applications

             Artificial Intelligence Applications


             Computer Vision

            Data Analysis.

è  Networking Programming.

è  Scripting

      Linux Admin Automation

            DevOps Automation

Hadoop Admin Automation

Cloud Automation.


è  IoT -- Internet of Things

è  Ethical Hacking Applications

è  We can Implement Testing -- PyTest, Selenium, etc..

è  We can implement Version Control - Git     

è  We can implement Frameworks like -- Django, Flask, etc..

è  We can develop IDE Software’s like PyCharm, Spider, etc..

è  We can develop libraries, packages, modules like NumPy, Pandas, etc..