Learn Core Python

Features of Python

Features of Python:-

1. Simple and Easy to Develop -- Simple Syntax

E.g:-Requirement is to Print "Welcome Message"


C/C++: C Language is Procedure Oriented Language

void main(...){

  printf("Welcome C Language World..!");



Java: Java is a Object Oriented Programming Language.

class Test{

  public static void main(...){

            System.out.println("Welcome Java World..!");




Python: is Scripting, Modular Oriented, Procedure Oriented and Object Oriented

print("Welcome to Python World..!")


Python reduces lot of code compare to existed languages. Easy to learn, easy implement.


2. Python is a Opensource and Free:-

What is Opensource?

è  They give complete source code

è  Based opensource Anaconda Software is implement.

è  Anaconda is one of python software -- It is Third-party Software.



è  No need to pay single for License.

è  We can download we can use python software.


3. High Level Language:

Machine Languages:

è  it uses 0's and 1's

è  It is Machine Friendly

è  It executes very faster

è  But development is very difficult.


Assembly Languages:-

è  Partly Machine Languages and Partly High-level Language

è  It uses Nimonics -- Machine Instruction.

è  In this programming we cannot divide large programs into smaller tasks.



è  Uses Human Readable Language called -- English Instructions


4. Platform Independent Language:-

è  We can write Python Programs in One Platform and we can run on any platform without single line change.

è  Platform -- Operating System.


5. Portability:-

è  Write once run on any operating system and any hardware without changing single line of code.


6. Dynamically Typed Language:-

In C/C++/Java:

int a = 10

a = "sreenivas" -- here we will get error


In Python:

a = 10


a = 10.5

a = True

a = "sreenivas"


7. Python is a Scripting Language, Modular Programming Language, Procedure Oriented

Programming Language, Object Oriented Language.


8. Interpreter Language:-

è  Compiler Based Language -- C,C++, etc..

è  Interpreter Based Language -- Python

è  Compiler and Interpreter Based Language -- Java, Scala, etc..