Learn Core Python

PyCharm Installation

PyCharm Installation

Step1: Download Latest PyCharm Software


Professional Edition : Licenced or 30 day trail version

Community: Free and Opensource


Step2: Install PyCharm

è  Double click downloaded file and choose all default options.


Step3: Write Sample Application in PyCharm IDE

è Start IDE

è Create a Project

            Name: first


PyCharm by default creates a Virtual Environment

Main Advantage of Virtual Environment is we can specify required python version, libraries for that project. So that it will not disturb existed/ physical python in our system.


If you do not want to create separate virtual environment then  choose existed interpreter and select python which we installed  in our system.


a) Create a Python File

     1. File --> New --> Python File

     2. Right click on Project --> New --> Python File

     3. Alt+Insert


b) Write Python Statements.

print("welcome to python world..!")

print("welcome to PyCharm IDE")


IDE Software’s provides Development Environment and Runtime Environment


Differences between Interactive Mode vs Script Mode

1. In Interactive Mode we will develop step by step

   In Script/Batch Mode first we will write all statements.


2. In Interactive mode each statement output we can immediately.

   Main advantage of this approach is we can resolve errors immediately.


   In Script Mode, First we will write all statements, later we will run.

   At development time we will assume and we will write, later at runtime

   we may get errors.


3. Interactive Mode used only in Development not in Testing, not in Production.  

   Script Mode is for Development, Testing and Production.   


Which Mode for Preferred?

è At Development time we will use both interactive mode and Script Mode.

è If you use interactive mode  we will copy all valid statements and we will convert into scripts, then we will deploy server.

è Most the time we will use Script Development using IDE Software’s.