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How to change the Facebook page name

How to change the Facebook page name

To change the Facebook page name, we need to be an Admin to request it. The pages are reflected by their names. The page for a brand, location, organization, or public figure can be managed by only authorized representatives. There are the following points which we need to keep in mind:

1.    The name cannot include terms and phrases which may be abusive or violet someone's rights.

2.    The name cannot include the "official" word even if the page is not the official page of an organization, place, brand, or public figure.

3.    The page name should be grammatically correct. The improper capitalization is not acceptable and cannot include all capital letters, except for acronyms.

4.    Any unnecessary punctuation and symbol like "~" are not acceptable.

5.    The name cannot be described. This information is added to the About section of the page.

6.    The page name cannot contain any variation of the word "Facebook".

These are the following steps to change the name of the page:


1) Login into Facebook Account

Firstly, open the Facebook official website by pasting the www.facebook.com  in the address bar of our preferred web browser. If we already logged into Facebook, we will directly reach the News Feed page. But if we are not login, enter the username, phone number, and email address, followed by the password in the given tab.

2) Click on the Pages

After successfully login, click on the Pages from the left side menu.

In response to this click, the corresponding page will open. This page contain all the pages which we have created before.