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Ways to Use Facebook to Promote your Business for Free

Top 10 Ways to Use Facebook to Promote your Business for Free

The top 10 ways to use Facebook to promote your business for free are:

1. Join Facebook Groups: - When people start thinking about online networking, they first think of LinkedIn, even though Facebook groups offer professionals a similar opportunity. There are numerous groups on Facebook dedicated to different industries, interests, professions, etc. By using a personal account, we can also join colleagues' groups and the groups where we will likely find our target audience. If your contribution to the conversations happening in these groups will be more, then your name will also be recognized more- and synonymous with industry expertise and leadership. The only thing here is not to see; our discussion is never to come in the form of the sales. The fastest mode to close this possible stream of leads and links is to begin promoting your business rather than offering genuine ideas and advice.

On the basis of the different keywords, we can also customize our search for groups, and based on your profile Facebook also makes recommendations.

2. Create a Personal Business Presence Using a Fan Page: - The main strength of social media marketing is the ability to make connections among businesses and their audience. On social media, the person-to-person relationship makes consumers feel that they have found and a brand in an expressive way. Now, they have a good relationship with that business. Accordingly, you can think how intense this feeling is when the customer is not only interacting with the "brand" but with the person who is behind that brand.

Based on your personal social media habit, you may or may not have a personal Facebook account.

Once you do this and wish to keep your profile private, then the Facebook will also enable you to create a page for your professional and public person. Otherwise, with the help of your personal profile, you can communicate with the customers.

3. List your Events: - Make the page of an event and invite friends and people within the groups in which you are. Even you can also see how may RSVPs there are and receive feedback from the participants.

4. Create your Own Group: - If you cannot find the group on Facebook, which fits exactly what you are searching for, then build your own group. In this group, you can add members, hold discussions, publish papers, and possibly meet several prospects. The central fact is that you are the group's owner and handling the interactions which makes you automatically gain a position of industry leadership in your members' eyes that will be only useful when they realize that they require a product and service which you offer.

5. Syndicate your Blog: - We can also automate the task if we know that we are not able to remember or find the time to share the post of the company blog weekly on our Facebook profile or page. We can do this by using various tools from simple WordPress plugins to the digital marketing software suites, which can publish every new blog post to our Facebook page automatically.

6. Create a Community: - One of the significant benefits of Facebook, is that by using Facebook we can make a community. It offers you a bunch of peoples who are continuously connected with you and able to hear your message. Authentically linked with the peoples such as responding on their comment, writing on their walls, introducing people to each other and conversing in groups. Before you understand it, you must have to build a friends' community who are friendly to you and your business and free for all.

We all know that these days Facebook marketing is Pay-to-play, but still, it is also about making connections and sharing your knowledge with others. You only need to know the appropriate tactics so that you can continue it for free.

7. Ask your Network to Share Blog Posts: - Talking about posting the blog of your company on your personal profile or page, you must also ask to your current clients, staff, partners and even your family and personal staff to share the posts of your company on their personal Facebook profiles also. It is known as cross-pollination,

8. Stream Live Video with Facebook Live: - Due to the unpredictability of live video, the immediacy and intimacy of the live video create the sense for your viewers that they are getting a glimpse of the real you and encouraging them to stick them in for a longer view than a normal video.

9. Maintain a Robust Brand Presence: - While it is true that without paying attention on the Facebook posts of the company, it will most likely not appear in the news feeds of your audience, and it does not mean that you stop posting the posts on the brand's page. In today's scenario, Facebook is being used like a search engine in order to find the more information about the company, means necessary information such as operating hours and contact details, or what the customers perception is about them. The great way to show that your clients are not only happy, but they are excited, a robust active page which is full of regular posts and huge engagement of the customers tells.

10. Reach Out: - If you are admired by anybody's work, then reach them on Facebook! Most of the people frequently check their Facebook message more than their email. And they also reply to Facebook messages. Always make sure you post as your business not your personal account when posting to different pages.